Which cuisine should we try in Sapa?

It is the most attractive concern of tourists because Sapa has a typical cuisine culture that not everyone knows.
It is the most attractive concern of tourists because Sapa has a typical cuisine culture that not everyone knows. 
What should we eat while traveling Sapa which is question interested travelers
Vietnam is a country has a clearly difference among regions and it create their own characteristic such as: traditions, cuisine, transportation, costume…May be these reasons make the cuisine culture of Sapa has the typical feature and attract many tourists who visit Sapa.
Tourists feel confuse which food should they try in Sapa
In overall, most of cuisine of Sapa is grill which combine with wild vegetables or Meo vegetables (vegetable has long dark blue leaf, curly border of leaf, hairy and smooth) to create the typical taste for Sapa cuisine. Besides, Sapa also famous about the “thang co” (its soup included viscera of chicken, cow and pig) which come into Vietnam literature and make it own impression for Sapa. Hopefully, with many sharing the summary above will help you more understand about Sapa cuisine and know which food should be eating while travelling in Sapa.
Some tips for food while travelling Sapa
In addition, to help you have clearly understood about Sapa cuisine, we are going to introduce some famous food: 
Grill: sticky rice (cooked) in bamboo, spiced beef grilled, spiced pork grilled, mushrooms grilled, dumplings grilled…
- Typical food: pork roll with Meo vegetables, beef roll with Meo vegetables, Sapa sour bamboo shoot soup, salmon…
- Beverage: Sapa wine, spring water…
Before travelling Sapa, you should find out the cuisine to know which food should be eating
Although you won’t see there isn’t too much different, you should try in reality ad you will feel all the typical cuisine of Sapa. 
Sapatourbooker will help you to find out which cuisine should be eating in Sapa
Especially, when you subscribe Sapa travel tour of Sapatour, we will help you to know which cuisine should be eating in Sapa and comfortably enjoy the sidewalk cuisine which really attractive in Sapa. Moreover, with the professional experience of building tour we also help you to enjoy all the cuisine at famous place in Sapa without worry about cost issue. 
Which food and beverage should be enjoy in Sapa that not the fear of tourists anymore
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The appeal of street food Sapa


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