Sapa tour - The Muong Hum market

Arriving at the market, joining the locals for the market activities. In this market, you can see and meet the most diversity of ethnic minority peoples living in Lao Cai Province: The four H'mong sub groups: Black, Flower, Red and Blue; Red Zao, Black Zao, Zao Tuyen; Ha Nhi; Zay; Nung...You will easily realize women from many different groups by watching at traditional costumes which they wear. The Zay wear black trousers, pink or blue blouse or shirt with a woolen headscarf, the Flower H'mong and Red H'mong wear colorful skirts which decorated with thick red and yellow embroidery on the batik patterns, silver ear rings and necklaces while the Black H'mong choose the simple indigo color with light decorative embroidery...

Location: Under Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, apart from Lao Cai City about 44km. Features: Tourists on the northern border province of Lao Cai ignore Muong Hum market then it is unfortunately. Like the other markets here, Muong Hum Market is held on Sunday, the busiest day of alpine Bat Xat...

Muong Hum market is under small valley, adjacent to the stream with fresh  water, surrounded by towering mountains and clouds. The riparian Muong Hum market on weekend  is a meeting place to purchase and exchange the various cultures of many ethnic minorities, such as Ha Nhi ethnic, Hmong, Chinese, Giay, Red Dao, Dao Tuyen, Han ...


Du lịch Sapa chợ Mường Hum

 The riparian Muong Hum market on weekend 


Weekdays, who comes here were also interested in sightseeing Muong Hum charming. On the day of the market, tourists are stunned by its beauty, especially the segment of a stream adjacent to the market. Beside a stream, horses on the market waiting for its owner to gather on the spring with various hair color, shouts, occasionally rearing makes painting even more vivid charges, very rare  in elsewhere. The suspension bridge or a stone bridge crossing the stream in a single span always has cattleman go back and forth.


Inside the crowded and noisy market , guests can not help admiring the costumes of those young lady ethnicity. Girls, boys in the village go shopping somewhere not only to purchase but also to go to learn, to have fun, find the halves of their lives, so anyone dresses pretty as attending the festival. Hmong girls in sexy floral skirt and wool dyed brilliant colors wig looks like a walking flower, blooming shimmer. Besides, beautiful Red Dao costume: the girls wear black indigo color dotted pattern on the chest like butterfly wings and red scarfs add a lot of silver jewelry, always sparkling. Even the Dao ethnic baby, despite being on mother’s back, being cared for clothes and cloth caps, they are watched most.



The appeal of street food Sapa


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