Visit the Cat Cat village in Sapa

At the base of the hill below the town of Sapa, this H”mong village is accessible by rough-paved road most of the way, and cement path for the rest. The small waterfall here is a good spot to kick back and rest quite dynamic in rainy season. Musical dance of local minorities are good choice while doing a walk here. Cat Cat village is an age-old village of H’Mong ethnic group remaining unique customs and practices that are lots in other villages.Cat Cat Village could be a hide-way destination for those living in noisy and animated cities to escape. Once visiting this village, our fatigue was replaced with excitement and refreshment with wild nature and the good-nature Mong people.
Cat Cat Village in Sapa is known as one of the tourist destination which cannot be missed while visiting the Northwest mountain because of the fascinatingly natural beauty of village. 
Cat Cat village was established from the mid-19th century. Hmong families who reside in Sapa, they live in the form based on mountain side and gather together, each house has a few meter apart. They grow rice, corn on the terraced fields by completely manual method. Especially, Hmong people at Cat Cat village are also have the traditional handicrafts such as cotton, linen and woven fabrics.
Cat Cat Village is a Mong village located 2 km from Sapa town
The name of village, Cat Cat, was derived from the name of a very beautiful waterfall is CatScat of French. Then, in the twentieth century the French began exploit and build Cat Cat village to become the attractive tourist destination. Nowadays, Cat Cat village has become the attractive tourist destination for travelers when coming to Sapa. 
What are the attractive things at Cat Cat village?
There are many interesting things to attract many travelers every year:
- It kept many unique traditions that other areas have the original no longer exists, such as “pull wife”. 
- It has famous brocade weaving village of Hmong for helping travelers can easily learn about the characteristics of the people here. 
- It also maintain the ancient architecture of Hmong’s house such as: three-compartments house with roofing Pomu woof, home skeleton has three columns, each column is put round or square stone, the walls are covered with timber, with 3 doors...
Cat Cat Village still maintain the unique beauty
Travelling at Cat Cat village, tourists can enjoy many great things that this place 
can bring to tourists. 
Cat Cat village in Sapa is an interesting place for tourists
According to the valuation of tourists, Cat Cat village is one of the most attractive and worthy experience to travel. Therefore, if you intend to travel to Sapa, you shouldn’t skip this fantastic destination. 
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