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Discover the beauty of Sapa and Sapa tour attractions bearing the distinctive traditions of highland Sapa.

  • Traveling alone in Sapa

    20-08-2014 // 6,520 view(s)

    Traveling alone in Sapa is the fantastic experience that everyone wants to explore because this is an exciting journey. Adventure feeling, explore the dreamland, breathe fresh air, natural living with new interesting.

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  • Backpacking travel Sapa

    20-08-2014 // 4,949 view(s)

    Backpacking travel Sapa has becoming the hot trend of the young because through the trip tourists can learn a lot of new things and new skills. Moreover, it is a chance for tourists to conquer the new challenge and more control themselves.

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  • What should tourists bring for traveling Sapa?

    21-08-2014 // 9,846 view(s)

    This is not a strange question for tourists in the preparation process to travel Sapa. Because Sapa is a new land, mountainous terrain, and different weather, the careful preparation is the most important.

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  • Sapa – Dien Bien Travel tour

    21-08-2014 // 3,102 view(s)

    The Sapa – Dien Bien travel tour is a wonderful chance for tourists visit historic battlefields of Vietnam and enjoy the fantastic natural beauty in Sapa.

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  • Exploring fascinating places in Sapa

    12-09-2014 // 4,932 view(s)

    Exploring fascinating places in Sapa has become a demand of tourists when they travel to Sapa. Sapa is given many magically beautiful scenes; it is truly an impressive place in travel trip in Vietnam.

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  • Traveling by train to Sapa

    12-09-2014 // 8,548 view(s)

    If you are wondering about choosing a kind of transportation for traveling, traveling by train will be the suitable suggestion for you. When you travel by train, you can enjoy natural scenery along the way and save much cost for you.

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  • Sapa tour - The Muong Hum market

    13-07-2014 // 5,971 view(s)

    Arriving at the market, joining the locals for the market activities. In this market, you can see and meet the most diversity of ethnic minority peoples living in Lao Cai Province: The four H'mong sub groups: Black, Flower, Red and Blue; Red Zao, Black Zao, Zao Tuyen; Ha Nhi; Zay; Nung...You will easily realize women from many different groups by watching at traditional costumes which they wear. The Zay wear black trousers, pink or blue blouse or shirt with a woolen headscarf, the Flower H'mong and Red H'mong wear colorful skirts which decorated with thick red and yellow embroidery on the batik patterns, silver ear rings and necklaces while the Black H'mong choose the simple indigo color with light decorative embroidery...

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  • Which cuisine should we try in Sapa?

    23-09-2014 // 7,797 view(s)

    It is the most attractive concern of tourists because Sapa has a typical cuisine culture that not everyone knows.

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    13-07-2014 // 6,354 view(s)

    “Can Cau” buffalo market which belongs to Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province, is held in Sartuday weekly. It not only attract buyers and sellers to come and exchange cattle and horses but Can Cau market is also a famous destination of tourists of Lao Cai province.

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  • Sapa tour- discover highland love fair

    13-07-2014 // 5,998 view(s)

    Two words “love market” has long been the not-to-be-missed event reflecting special culture of people of marrige. In the various cultures of moutainous areas, this allowed the “Love market” to make itself indispensable,. There is no way to thoroughly explain its mean. Because, a “market” always has seller and buyer while “love” is unvaluable. So can we call it “love market”?

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  • Sapa tour: The Lao Cai special market

    13-07-2014 // 5,138 view(s)

    In Lao Cai, many famous local festivals are celebrated in the district, such as Sapa district, Bac Ha district, Bat Xat district, Si Ma Cai district… People get to the market, not only because they want to join in shopping but also they aim to discover economic life, various cultures of ethnic minorities, domestic goods…

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  • Hanoi-Sapa Train Timetable

    01-07-2014 // 3,900 view(s)

    Hanoi - Lao Cai(for Sapa) Train timetable

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  • Sapa - Hanoi Train Timetable

    01-07-2014 // 4,000 view(s)

    Sapa - Hanoi Train Timetable

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  • Sleeping Bus To Sapa

    04-07-2014 // 4,426 view(s)

    Daily Sleeping Bus from Ha noi to Sapa

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  • Sapa autumn tour

    30-10-2014 // 7,476 view(s)

    Sapa autumn tour has become the best choice of many tourists because of the wonderful atmosphere and attractive beauty in Sapa.

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    03-11-2014 // 5,014 view(s)

    Travel Sapa by train has become the choice of many tourists because of cheap and high safety.

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    03-11-2014 // 5,358 view(s)

    Sapa Lunar New year tour has become the choice of many tourists because it is their holiday after the long time working and studying.

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    04-11-2014 // 5,113 view(s)

    To help tourists get the information about Sapa tour, we would like to introduce some issues related to the trip.

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    04-11-2014 // 5,459 view(s)

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  • Fansipan Mountain Adventure Tour in Sapa

    04-11-2014 // 5,126 view(s)

    Adventure Fansipan mountain is one of the journey cannot be skip when travel in Sapa because it is the famous landmark in Vietnam and it is also the interesting challenging to explore.

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