Tour Fansipan (2 Day/3 Night)

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Conquer Fansipan - the roof of Indochina with 3.143m elevation is currently one of the new travel trend of tourists in general and youth in particular. By participating in this journey, visitors have the opportunity to express desire, bravery to challenge myself.

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NIGHT 01: HANOI - LAO HIGH (Overnight on board)
19:30 Arrive at the station B Hanoi - Tran Quy Cap Street, Guides Sports Hotel Ha Noi transport tickets and guide the procedures on board the train to Lao Cai. You meet the train to Lao Cai SP1 or SP3. Hanoi train left the station. You spend the night on board.
DAY 01: LAO CAI - Fansipan (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
AM: 06h00 to Lao Cai trains, guides and cars met and transferred to breakfast at the restaurant. Then proceed to depart for Heaven Gate (O Quy Ho Pass) at a height of 2.047m compared to sea level, on the way, free to relax and admire the majestic mountains of Sapa ... you arrive mid 0830 Hoang Lien National Park Centre, luggage page prepared to come prepared. On the journey to the top of Fansipan you will have the opportunity to explore the application of biodiversity of flora and fauna here when passing through the jungle with precious woods, orchids ... and that is inspiration so you can compose stunning images, marked on this trip ... 11:30 guests arriving 2.200m elevation, rest stops and rustic lunch.
PM: After lunch, continue the journey to the top of Fansipan, in this way you always catch the scene at the time hidden in the clouds and a little wind to fly cars wandering feeling cold with clouds hold floating and melodic treasured species discovered in the wind ... 17:30 guests arriving altitude of 2,800 m, the group stopped and camped overnight. 1830 chef prepares dinner.
Evening: dinner and sitting by the fire drinking tea, enjoying the serenity and sounds of the jungle. Overnight in sleeping bags, tents at a high point of 2,800 m and sounds of the jungle to the moon or starlight piece of jungle alone.
DAY 02: Fansipan - SAPA - HANOI (B meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner)
AM: You get up early, watching the sunrise on the top of mountain and enjoy the fresh air cages and cool (if there is a chance you could be enjoying the natural sounds such as birds of the mountains singing, gibbons cry ...) Then the delegation breakfast and continue the journey to conquer Fansipan to 3.143m altitude .... Fansipan peak to stand at the top congratulate the winner, panoramic observation 3 countries, souvenir photograph ... then depart down 2,800 m lunch spot.
PM: After lunch, continue the journey down the mountain, on the way you measure continue watching the downright spectacular images (can watch the clouds drift away indifferently to induce a poet). 15:00 delegation down to the center of Hoang Lien National Park, welcomed the delegation of the automotive center of Sapa town. You are free to rest or roam freely in the central market area of ​​convergence Sapa most famous product of the northwestern highlands of Sapa in general and in particular, free trade union welcome automotive shopping ... 17:00 Group and taken to Lao Cai and dine before boarding the ships depart for Hanoi (overnight on board)
DAY 03: ABOUT TO HANOI (morning)
05h00 Lao Cai trains arriving from Hanoi Railway Station. Break unions and end the program, guests see you.


  • Train tickets soft sleeper compartment 4 roundtrip air conditioner (HN - Lao Cai - Hanoi)
  • Newer cars - air-conditioned shuttle itineraries union
  • Tents (tourist camp serves lodged Group)
  • Eat meals according to the itinerary (the food: Standard)
  • Tickets visit itineraries
  • Enthusiastic tour guide serves itineraries union.
  • Travel insurance with the maximum level of compensation 30.000.000VND / case.
  • VAT (10%) and travel insurance
  • Other expenses out of program
  • This program is not intended for children age 15 - 18 (without accompanying parents)
  • The program can be adjusted to suit the actual situation.
  • Currently the highway from Noi Bai - Lao Cai has been completed, you can choose the automobile vehicle (automobile roundtrip ticket is: VND 500,000 / 01 tickets) On vehicles serving Wifi, water and towel free cold.
  • General requirements are: Lightweight keep warm when cold, hot exhaust, scratch-resistant, easy to move, sweat absorbent, waterproof, anti-squeeze, insects.
  • Shoes: 02 pairs, select the type of team is the best for this type of product is easy to move to open not sweating feet, rope around his neck and ankles very closely to make sure, should choose medium size with his feet not be click legs sore feet, soft soles and good friction when moving kind in Sapa sell a lot cheaper. Appropriate shoes are kind of leather, high neck (above the ankle a little bit), with spikes sticking rubber (soft plastic grip better rock). Should choose shoes according to the criteria of "reliability - grip" set up.
  • Waterproof shoes: Very annoying especially when the cold weather and waterproof shoes inside. Waterproof shoes can help you wade through the shallow water, depending on the buffer layer beneath the skin and body tether closely to where shoes. To protect against water, the skin of the shoes coated with a waterproof sealant.
  • Gloves: Yes rubber spikes, this type of thin very comfortable doing things like taking pictures, clinging to the mountainside, trees ...
  • Clothing: Clothing should choose soft cotton roots transient neat move. Should bring 2 sets a default on a person to replace, if possible, bring a bed is best. If rain should bring waterproof clothing is better because raincoat very difficult to move.
  • Head cap: It is necessary to choose the kind of wide-brimmed floppy hat, straps for up to 2,500 meters altitude where the wind is relatively strong. Should bring 1 to hooded wool cap, ear warmer and bedtime is good for your health.
  • Balo: Choose compact type strap backpack sure if the cord is very complicated. Should bring about 5-8 kg in the backpack for easy moving. You should fully charge the batteries before the phone actually go and should bring one small bag for storing ninong and camera phone in case it rains.
  • Towels: To ensure health should bring a scarf when you sleep at altitude cold weather will warm neck scarf will be felt in the forest district. can be used for wound closure. Do not forget to bring washcloth, table coverings toothpaste, razor-law for the South.
  • Food: You should bring chocolate, candy buttermilk, lemon juice salt to be used in case of necessity.
  • Drugs: Drugs effervescent feeling, dressings, Urgo, medical cotton, oil and wind



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