Sapa  perfect place for honeymooners

Go to the "beautiful Sapa”, you will forget all sense of sorrow, worries chaos or the dusty urban streets ... Now in "roof of Indochina", there is only clouds, sky, romantic scenery and majestic place.

Experience Sapa tour – unforgetable honeymoon for you two!

You two will experience many great moments together.

And there are still many other experience that we sincerely give to you two in this honeymoon trip.

A Glinpse of SapaThe best of Sapa2 fabulous honeymoon tour for you in Sapa  the wonderland

- Ships cavity: 2 beds, air conditioning, wood-paneled rooms and wedding decorations.

- When the ship has docked, tour guide will pick you two at Lao Cai Station and on behalf of the company, he will send to you flowers to congratulate for your enternal love.

- Arrive in Sapa, you two will have breakfast at the hotel, thencheck in with the decorated wedding room.

- Experience Love dinner by sparkling candlelight, roses and wine in Sapa weather.

- Waking up after a warm night in your husband/wife arms, you will once again surprised with delicious breakfast which are arranged in space full of romance.

- Two of you will visit Ham Rong mountain resort - the mountain of flowers and eternal love.

- Two of you will walk to May yard (the roof of Sapa) to see the entire dreaming small town engulfed in fog. Then you two have lunch at Ham Rong windy mountain.

- In the afternoon, two of you roam freely around the town of Sapa, have dinner at another restaurant we have booked. Then walking at Sapa night sightseeing, enjoying the sweet love in land of fog, eating barbeque with the specialties of local people here.